NCVPS Blocks Citizens From Emailing Government Employees

August 31, 2017 ConcernedParents 0

North Carolina government employees finally took some action to respond to allegations of misconduct at NCVPS.   They are now blocking Concerned Parents from sending emails to anyone with an email address  Just think about this for a moment, a government agency is now blocking North Carolina citizens from […]

Where DID She Get The Course Content?

August 31, 2017 ConcernedParents 1

After our conference call ended at 11 AM on October 29, 2015, NCVPS clearly believed they had a major problem.  Within 20 minutes, Sandra Waters began frantically emailing her colleagues to determine sources of the course notes. “Hey! Do you remember where you got your notes for Modules 7-9?” – […]

Caught in a Web of Lies

August 30, 2017 ConcernedParents 1

“We will listen to them tomorrow, reiterate all the things we are doing, but they will not be happy with anything we say.” – M. Lourcey 10/28/15 This was NCVPS Chief Academic Officer Michelle Lourcey’s state of mind as she communicated to Eliz Colbert about the conference call planned with […]

How Do You Catch A Teacher Cheating?

August 29, 2017 ConcernedParents 0

Mostly, out of frustration. The first two months of the NCVPS APUSH course were trying times for our daughter, and as a result,  for our family.  Our daughter was busy embracing her high school marching band, taking a full schedule of Advanced Placement courses, preparing for the SAT and ACT […]