Local Legislators Dropping the Ball on Education

October 18, 2017 ConcernedParents 0

Six weeks ago, we met personally with each of State Senator John Alexander and Representative Joe John.  After many months of appealing for their assistance with NCVPS and DPI issues with no response, we scheduled meetings to more directly engage them in driving change at NCVPS that benefits the students […]

Government Inaction

October 16, 2017 ConcernedParents 0

As discussed in previous posts, we have been advocating for an investigation into the misconduct and broken culture at NCVPS for nearly two years.  Our requests for action started with the executives of NCVPS, and resulted in some inadequate changes to the APUSH course and in limited training initiatives on […]

Local Schools: The Other Side of NCVPS

October 11, 2017 ConcernedParents 0

As discussed elsewhere on our site, we did not choose to have our children registered for NCVPS courses.  Two of our children’s local schools enrolled them in three NCVPS courses and informed us this was the only path for our children to pursue a curriculum that would meet their educational […]

More Missing Citations?

October 9, 2017 ConcernedParents 0

While we only requested public records from the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) related to the APUSH course, they used search procedures which occasionally generated documents pertaining to other NCVPS courses. One such document related to the NCVPS Calculus course includes the following exchange on November 6, 2015: Darlene Schafer: […]

A Broken Education System Runs Deep and Wide

October 6, 2017 ConcernedParents 0

It is almost a given that when you begin investigating a corrupt organization, you run across evidence of new issues you did not know existed.  No surprise, NCVPS is just such an organization.  While reviewing documents provided to us in response to our public records requests for the APUSH course, […]

Missing the Forest for the Trees

October 4, 2017 ConcernedParents 0

By October 30, 2015, we had already informed NCVPS teachers and executives of numerous significant problems with the APUSH course including the following: widespread technology issues rendering portions of the course (such as the formative quizzes) unusable post-assessment test questions that were vague and/or had no correct answer post-assessment test […]