Talking About An Investigation

September 28, 2017 ConcernedParents 0

Throughout September and October of 2015, we tried working with the teachers and staff at NCVPS to fix the numerous problems our daughter encountered in the APUSH course, before resorting to public records requests in November 2015 attempting to better understand the lies and evasions coming from NCVPS executives on […]

The Truth Eventually Comes Out

September 26, 2017 ConcernedParents 0

In our life experience, when groups of people are caught doing something wrong, they often produce a flurry of conflicting and dishonest explanations of events as they try to weave each newly unearthed fact into an increasingly ungainly web of lies.  Here’s how this pattern played itself out at NCVPS […]

As Promptly As Possible

September 22, 2017 ConcernedParents 0

After discovering significant misconduct at NCVPS, we made public records requests of the Department of Public Instruction (“DPI”) in October 2015 and February 2016.  Even after two “attempts” at complying with NC Public Records laws, DPI clearly had not managed to provide us all of the documents to which we […]

Special Bulletin: Welcome To Our Newest Subscribers

September 21, 2017 ConcernedParents 0

We are extending a special welcome to several groups of distinguished users who are now signed up to receive each of the 3-5 posts weekly written on this site in the weeks and months to come.  Our latest additions are: Members of the North Carolina State Legislature:  These distinguished members […]

The Buck Stops With DPI

September 20, 2017 ConcernedParents 0

One category of public records we requested from the Department of Public Instruction (“DPI”) related to contracts for the development of the NCVPS APUSH course.  On February 12, 2016 we requested the following: “All contracts pertaining to the development, review and/or modification of any Advanced Placement United States History (“APUSH”) […]

Special Bulletin: Thank You!

September 18, 2017 ConcernedParents 0

We wanted to close the day with a special thank you to all of our newest visitors and subscribers.  Over the last 48 hours, we set a record with over 1,000 visits to our site.  Please continue to help us spread the word about the serious misconduct at the North […]

June Atkinson In Charge

September 18, 2017 ConcernedParents 0

On August 20, 2016, we sent an email to every member of the State Board of Education (“SBE”) that read as follows: “Members of the NC State Board of Education, Attached please find a letter documenting the facts surrounding the deplorable condition of the Advanced Placement United States History (“APUSH”) […]

What Does Have To Say?

September 15, 2017 ConcernedParents 0

In November of 2016, over a year after we first reported the plagiarism to Eliz Colbert and Michelle Lourcey, NCVPS staffer Darlene Schaefer engages in a bit of creative historical fiction trying to retroactively explain and justify the dreadful condition of the APUSH course.  In a series of draft reports […]

Shooting The Messenger

September 13, 2017 ConcernedParents 0

Plagiarism by the course development team is bad enough, but the problems with the APUSH course were far more widespread and tend to point toward significant cultural issues at NCVPS.  Poor quality work, lack of accountability, and blaming the person who steps forward to say “this is not right” seem […]